Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chesters and Critters

I recently painted a piece of furniture for a couple of ladies starting a new business here in Nashville. They bought a huge farm just outside of town, and are turning it into a beautiful yet rustic venue for outdoor weddings and events. It's called Mint Springs Farm. They are still constructing the huge, fabulous barns, etc., but it should be open by fall. The piece I did for them is going to be used in their display at Bridal Shows.

I showed a piece from this same bedroom suite on my Facebook page.

It's a deep gray with a dark stain on top. This piece was in such good shape, it was a little tough to distress it.

Aaaaw. Look at that cute baby...

My mom thought I was nuts when I chose that pose for my son's one year portrait. It was just so him, I couldn't help it. Hard to believe he's taller than me now.

Here's another chest of drawers that I had at a flea market in the fall.

And just FYI..don't ever say "chester drawers" when discussing furniture with me.

Unless you're under 10 years of age, you should know by now that's not right.

Doesn't the pile of tires add a bit of charm?

And speaking of charming, let's get to the flea critters.

Ha. Gotcha anyway.
And I also got a good shot of someone seemingly stuck in the back window of a van in the background.

"It's a bad hair day, I'll just throw on a hat."

This guy was a vendor across from me several times. He cleans out buildings and businesses in Alabama.
If he ever starts to tell you the story about the time he cleaned out a strip joint...RUN.

He always wears a nice fanny pack. Being a flea market vendor is about the ony time I can think of that I have thought a fanny pack might be useful. Your money is safe and handy.

However, it just doesn't have enough storage for this guy. He also wears a crocheted bag across his chest. (It's under the arm with the cigarette)


He carries a Vera Bradley backpack.
I know it's Vera Bradley because I asked him, and he seemed proud of it.

This guy was another vendor.
He told a very long story about how this hat cost him $3,000.
It involved a woman, and his getting drunk one night during a market, and waking up with all his money missing and wearing this hat.
And, he costs $13.00.

And, finally, the pizza man.

Somehow, this hot sweaty guy in a pizza suit didn't make me crave pizza.