Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pants, frames, a map, and my soapbox.

I know my busiest time of the year has begun when I look down at my hands and arms in church, and realize I really didn't get all the paint off. That I still have some random smears of stubborn paint, in a variety of lovely colors, still clinging to me. When I feel compelled to explain to everyone that I really did take a shower - even if it doesn't look like it.

I've been finishing pants.

Well, Mom and I have, with a little help.

Working on some new frames.

And doing piles, and piles of the old regulars.

I've always liked this room. It would be great for a playroom, or for a boy's bedroom.
I think it's the cool map that pulls it all together. (There is a distressed, turquoise-ish dresser on the other side of the room).

I found this map at an estate sale. I think it would be a great place to start for a great room.

It hung over a gentleman's workbench. I loved that it still had the pins in it, marking where he had been.

He clearly had an affinity for the south, and Canada was not on his bucket list.

He spent some time in Europe. I'm thinking WWII vet?

For some reason he went to Iceland.

Lilly's been doing more than just helping us sew.
She's been drawing on her face.
"Make-up" according to her.
"Angry Eyebrows" according to me.
I scrub off the final bits of the Star Wars tattoo the boys put on her bellybutton, and now this.

I know this is random,but, I saw this ad in a magazine, and it just seems so stupid.

Is it an ad for cologne? A dating service? No. Countertops.
What the heck does this scene have to do with countertops??

Are they trying to convince men that if they just get Silestone counters, hot women will appear in their kitchen? And why 2 women?
Truly, trying to figure out this ad took my thought process down a path I didn't want to go down.
Our children have enough to face in this world. Why must everything be sexualized?
Sorry. I'll get off my soapbox.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Flea Market 3

I'm super late in getting this post up. Like, 2 weeks late.

I thought I would start out with a few of befores.

Here's a shot of some flea market goodies put out to dry.

Here's a highchair before...

A vanity.

Here's the vanity after. The mirror goes with it.

A little pink step stool.

A vintage pink baby bed that I did a terrible job of photographing.

A little owl canvas.

My flea market helper covered in the snowcone supplied by Cindy.
Cindy will have to remain a mystery again this month, I still don't have a picture of her.

Highchair after. Notice the sold sign...

A bedpost close-up.

Set of boxes.

Blue table with bali-twist legs.

A bed in the same blue, and a little pink rocker.

Black coffee table with some stuff on top. I wish I had a before of this one. It was pretty bad.
Lilly is busy shopping Cindy's jewelry.
Cindy is a total sucker for kids, and Lilly usually ends up in a necklace she likes.

Flea critter time.....

This man looked a LOT like Abe Lincoln. He was almost impossible to sneak a picture of, his wife had some sort of super senses, and kept looking at me whenever I tried. So we have her to thank for the fuzzy, far away photo from behind the bed of a truck.

This lady was riding a pink bike in a big pink sombrero. She seems to be complimenting the passerby on her pink top.
Jorts? Check.
Leopard boots? Check.
Leopard purse? Check.
Leopard vest? Check.
What's missing? You can't see the creepy doll she's carrying around.
It was big, in a pink dress, and had dangly feet in little white shoes.
She must have bought it at the flea market, otherwise I bet it would have been dressed in leopard

Notice how close up this is? It's because I totally ambushed this lady. I literally hid behind a car and jumped out to take her picture, and ran away.
No hug for me.