Friday, February 25, 2011

Pretty Bird

A couple of things I learned over the weekend:

1. The more you value something, the better it tastes to your puppy. The otttoman I painfully re-upholstered must have been delicious.

2. My Baker can argue, pretty convincingly, that Scooby-Doo was actually the bravest one in the gang.

3.Birds are sneaky. They can get into my house somehow without me knowing it.

4. Kids grow up waaay to fast.

Baker turned seven this Sunday. To add insult to injury, he also lost his first tooth.
No, I didn't skimp on a cake, he wanted donuts.
I'll tell you about the bird in a moment.

First, pictures of stuff that left here recently.

Burlap covered shade with handpainted monogram.

A couple expecting their first baby brought me a crib just like this one....

...and it went home like this.

A birthday plate. I did a wedding plate for this girl a while back. Waaay more than 9 months ago for those of you that like to whisper about that stuff.

A little girl baby plate.

Here's today's bird.

I posted about a different bird here.

Lilly was playing with her new babydoll.
As I walked across the room, and a bird swooped over my head.
Naturally, I screamed.
Lilly looked panic stricken, so I shooed her up the stairs empty handed.
She realizes she doesn't have her doll, and starts screaming, "My baby! Save my baby!", like the star of a Lifetime movie.
When the bird is gone, she tells me "I'm so glad the birdie didn't eat my baby's face."

Is she watching Hitchcock and Lifetime movies in the middle of the night?"

I'll never know for sure .

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From My Phone

Last year I took a little weekend trip to Cincinatti, OH. I wrote about it here.
This weekend we get to go back, and I'm super excited. I'm trying to finish up a lot of furniture before I leave, and hopefully I can post pictures when I get back.

I've had a bunch of baby gift orders come in this week. So many babies being born right now. What was going on last May/June???? Did I miss something?

Can you tell this is a bow hanger? Don't you love the nail hole in the picture I was too lazy to photoshop out?

I was going through my phone today, clearing out all the pictures. A lot of the pictures I take are to send to Todd. Just random, daily little stuff, especially when he is out of town.
I thought I would share a few.

I saw a couple of things at Lowe's I wanted to remember.

I think this galvanized light could be really cool in the right place. It could be painted, and even re-wired to plug-in, instead of being hard wired. The price is perfect too.

I thought this table lamp was really great too. I was thinking of it for Baker's new desk (pictures coming very soon), but I went with something I already had. I think this one was under $30 as well.

The dog wearing a t-shirt.

I think he's saying, "Get me out of here."

That t-shirt wearing puppy also likes paint. This is one of the legs of the table seen here. I was painting it, walked away for a moment, and he had licked off the paint.

He also stares at me. I thought this was cute, so I sent this picture to Todd saying so.

A short time later, I sent him this picture with a few choice words about HIS dog.

There is a story to this blurry house.

We pass this house every day going to and from school. The man that lives there is very regularly out on the porch smoking in a very fluffy, comfy robe.
But, the robes change.
He has a green one, and a blue one. We even saw him out once with his wife, and they had on matching white robes. (the short ones....eeewww)
I can understand wearing your robe at 7:30 am. But 2:30 in the afternoon? Weird.
The carpool kids have named him "Robe Man", and spotting him is like seeing an endangered species - very exciting.
We have attempted to take his picture so many times, I swear he knows my car and takes cover. He was out the other day, and the kids begged me to circle back around the block so they could get his picture. He slid inside the door just as Jackson took the picture.
I hope he's not a crafty blog reader.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Everybody Likes Fried Chicken

With another snow day, and a husband in Orlando this week, I haven't really gotten as much done as I would have liked. But, I got pictures of a thing or two.

I painted a family cookie jar.

With the name on the back. (Or front, I guess, depending on how you turn it.)

See Mom's cute pearl necklace and earrings?
I always sell these around Mother's Day.
Take the hint, plan ahead.
One Christmas, I made one for Jackson's teacher with all the students on it. She was able to save it from the flood that devastated the school last year.

Lilly fell in love with this lap tray when I painted it for a birthday gift. I have painted literally thousands of these, and my daughter uses a a gross old green one with nothing painted on it.
She requested a pink one as a valentines gift.

I painted this before Christmas, but posted a picture of it on my Facebook page to sell the other 3 I still have.
And, in the family way, my kids have been doing a little artwork themselves.
These pictures were hanging from the stairway ceiling this morning as I made my way to the garage.

Sorry, Jackson. Cute drawings from your siblings, clever placement, and even the fancy handwriting won't keep you home today.
You know an 11 year old boy really wants something when he busts out the semi-cursive handwriting.
Speaking of writing....
Lilly wrote some of her name in purple marker on Jackson's desk.( Luckily, I am planning on painting it soon anyway.)
I noticed this as I was putting away Jackson's laundry.

Could of been worse. I've never met anybody that doesn't like fried chicken.

Littlebits Designs

Friday, February 4, 2011

Farm Table Before and After

I recently found this table, and I loved the shape. This is the only before picture I have. It was about 5 below zero every time I worked on it, so picture taking was way low on my list. Somewhere below thawing out my toes and fingers.

I painted it in a black, distressed finish, and added a couple of coats of polyeurethane to the top. The new owner has 2 kids, so I'm assuming there will be lots of wiping in it's future.

This next photo was taken at a weird angle in the back of Todd's truck. Thus, the odd placement of the car in the bottom corner.

I wish distressed furniture had been the style when I was little. I remember my mom fussing at us for scratching up the kitchen chairs with the buckles on our shoes.
That sounds really old fashioned doesn't it?

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