Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pillows on your bed or your head.

I'm smack in the middle of a big ole mess. Baker is moving into Lilly's old room, Lillyis moving into Baker's old room, and all of the 'decor' (I hate that word), from Jackson's room is being moved to Baker's new room.

Me too.

I do know that I'm painting Jackson's room gray. He wants it to be "cool", so that seemed like a good place to start.

I'm thinking grays, some brown, creamy white, and pops of color in the pillows, etc.

I'm leaning toward some orange, and maybe a little bit of blue.

I'm in love with pillows from Jonathan Adler.

I'm hoping to mimic them, not pay $98 - $165 a pillow.

They're graphic and simple. Jackson even gave me his approval.
This one was his favorite.

We both liked the peace pillow too.

While looking through the images brought up in my google search for "Jonathan Adler Pillows", I noticed this lady with her pillow on her head. I thought it was odd, but I moved along.

Then I saw these.

Ummm, Did I miss some sort of running joke?
Is putting a Jonathan Adler pillow on your head sort of like taking your picture in front of the Eiffel Tower so that it looks like a hat?

But, brace yourself, this last one was the worst.

This photo was titled "Meditation" . Not what I would have named it....

Yes. That guy is totally nekkid.
(I threw up in my mouth a little while photo shopping over his "personal space"...)

Yes. He has a big fat guy in suspenders and an untied shoes as his spotter.

Yes. That's a Jonathan Adler pillow under his head.

Google Search with care my friends...

Littlebits Designs

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How much can I cram into one post?

Since I haven't put up a blog post since October, I'm going to try to cram in a couple of months at once.

I had a space at the flea market in October. It was sooooo crowded. Crowded with shoppers and vendors. I've never seen anything like it.

I think I got stumped, and just painted everything pink.

If you look closely,to the right, you can see one of the school desks from my trip with Beth to the mile long yard sale.

I sold lots of furniture. And, thankfully, everything that didn't sell, I sold once I brought it home.

I couldn't skip the flea critters...

As usual, my photography is horrible. But, as usual, I was trying to be sly. This lady had an interesting hair style.

All I could think about was Pepe Le Pew.

Okay, you have to look really closely at the next one. I was literally hiding while I took it.

Brave I am not.

Where else, besides the flea market, could you see a the mad hatter and a biker style santa playing checkers under a huge propeller.

I'm just sayin.

Next was Halloween.

I love Halloween, and I'm disappointed every year at how rushed I feel. It's such a busy time of year for me. I would love to have the spookiest house on the block. My sister and I alternate neighborhoods each year for trick or treating. This year was our neighborhood.

The werewolf, soldier, and cowgirl belong to me.

Our kids like spooky movies, ghost stories, etc. (NOT gory or violent stuff, just spooky).

They asked us to take them ghost hunting, so we did. (Making us either really awesome parents or really bad ones.)

Here they are, all ready to go.

Todd took his amp meter (used to test voltage, etc.), telling the children it could detect ghosts.

There is a very old, very spooky, huge cemetary not far from us. We drove in the gates, and as soon as we started up the pitch black hill, Lilly wanted to go home. The boys, however, were still into it.

Todd would slow down, and roll all the windows down. A few times, he and Jackson got out and took pictures.

Baker stayed in the car, but played it cool.

Lilly had long since lost her cool, and stayed in my lap.

Once we were deep into the cemetary, Todd decided to pretend he was lost while the "ghost detector" went wild.

The boys were officially no longer into it.
Once we were on the road home , they were instantly super brave ghost hunters again. They're already asking to go back. Even Lilly.

A few days after Halloween, I travelled to Knoxville for a sale.

Melia, my neighbor that makes adorable clothes, went too.

She had a 3 week old baby with her.

She was a trooper . I was tired, and I only had Todd to look after.

This was a Jr. League of Knoxville sale, and they were the nicest group of women I've ever worked with.

They helped us load and unload. They brought us food and drinks.

They even helped us set up our space. (That could have been because they felt sorry for us--we were a little slow and confused looking during set up)

We sold lots of frames, memo boards, and clothes.

How can you go wrong when you are just a few booths away from The LAST Glue You Will Ever Need??

The following week was Christmas Village.

I don't have any pictures. I don't even remember why I didn't take pictures. It might have something to do with forgetting my camera due to lack of sleep and not really caring anymore.

I have pictures of last year here. That'll have to do.

Christmas came quickly. Not sure why I took a picture of the room before I finished decorating ....

My kids got all kinds of stuff they didn't need, and I enjoyed every minute of giving it to them.

(notice it's still dark outside....)

We had a white Christmas! I don't remeber having one before...

That handsome man is Todd grilling the Christmas steaks in the snow.

We had a special visit from Todd's parents, and for the first time in 16 years, we didn't travel to Ohio.


We got a puppy.

A sweet, little cuddly brown puppy named Barnaby.

A sweet, little cuddly brown puppy named Barnaby that had no control of his bladder.

At least when you potty train a child you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

I'm pretty tired of standing out in the yard in my pajama pants and coat begging him to pee.
But, I love him anyway, and every boy should have a dog, right?

Just like every little girl should have a pink cap gun and holster of her very own.

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