Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby Canvases and Ugly Clothes

I started this post WEEKS ago, so before posting anything new, I wanted to publish this one. The pictures are a little out of order, but I'm too lazy to change them. I had an order for a few canvases for a baby girl's nursery. The mom-to-be wanted to keep it pretty classic and simple with a large monogram.

She also expressed her love for sheep, so I put them on the two smaller ones.

I have this thing for scallops. (The shape, not the seafood). I think they are so sweet without being too fussy.

Can you see the 'feathery' details in the sky behind the 3 sheep?

Thankfully, my customer was thrilled, and sent me pictures after they were hung.

The bedding doesn't realy show up in this picture, but it is adorable. A couple of different shabby chic cotton prints.

Last year I posted about a weekend trip to Cincinnati here.
I wanted to post some pictures from this years trip.
We went to Gabriel's, my favorite place for cheap clothes. The catch at Gabriel's is that you have to look through some crazy stuff.
The crazy stuff is much more fun to blog about.
Mom found a t-shirt with an enormous Icee. Slurpee? Slush Puppy?

Whatever it is, it's 'yummy'.

Aaaawwww. Look at the little baby one on the back.....

These cannot qualify as shorts. They're more like denim underwear. Daisy Duke would blush.

Not sure what Nike was thinking. Gold + velcro?

Nothing says classy like a yellow cheetah print shoe with a four inch heel and zipper.

I considered this shirt.
My 11 year old told me once that I am so short, it's a little embarrassing to him in front of his friends.
I'll show him embarrassed when I show up in the lunchroom wearing this....

Cindy, my super -secret, never before revealed in pictures friend from my flea market posts (here, here, and here) found the worst item of the trip.
The ugliest leggings I've ever seen.
She was kind enough to try them on.

But , due to some holes in strategic places, she wasn't really ready to step out and model. You will have to settle for a peek of her leg.

Next, we went to Ikea. (My mom is taking the picture.) Her photography skills have improved significanty from last year's post. I love Ikea.
I found this wool blanket I love.

While I'm not crazy about this pillow, I like the color combination for Jackson's room. In the spirit of my beloved flea critters, we had a sighting at Gabriel's. Here is Michelle. Michelle is hoding up a totally normal shirt. It's a decoy. The real action is the lady in the background.

At first, we thought maybe she was trying the glasses on and looking for a mirror. But, after she shopped, and shopped wearing them, we figured something else must be up.

I really enjoyed the group we had this year.
Cindy can find a Goodwill store better than my TomTom.
Natalie gets carsick just like me.
Michelle and I like to swap recipes.
Paula reallllly doesn't like Skyline Chili.
My mom is as awesome as ever.

Sadly, as we checked out at Ikea, Cindy got a phone call that her mother-in-law had suddeny passed away. We headed home right away.
We are planning on going again next year, and, hopefully, it won't take me six weeks to write about it...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Black Dresser

Last week, I posted a black dresser for sale on my Littlebits Facebook page.

One of the mom's at Lilly's preschool emailed me that she thought she wanted it.

She came by to see it in person, and picked up on Tuesday.

She was nice enough to send me a picture of it in it's new home, under a fireplace opening in the master bath.

Um, Shannon, I think your bathroom might be bigger than my kitchen.... :)