Monday, May 2, 2011

Crafts that make you go hmmm...

I know that my job is "crafty". I don't mind being called that. I paint, I sew, etc. - so it fits.

I do not like it when people say, "Are you still running your craft business?"

It sounds like they think I'm sitting around with my glue gun putting pom-poms on toilet paper tubes.
(Let's be honest if they would sell - bring on the pom -poms....)

So, instead of refurbished furniture or painted canvases, here are some crafts you will never see me make.

A bracelet from a shirt cuff and ugly buttons.
Goes great with mom jeans.

I don't even know what to say about this.

I guess they would rather use the glove to hold the flowers than wear it to wash the vase.

Yes. You read that correctly.


I shudder to think what all those little bits and pieces in the paper are.

My grandmother always put her dryer lint in the backyard "so birds could use it to make nests."

Was she crazy too?

I've never worn a tie, but I'm pretty sure this is a bad idea.

I don't think taking a client out to lunch, and pulling your Visa from your tie would be that impressive to the other guy.

"You like this? My wife is into crafts."

I remember these. They used to be wearing crocheted dresses. My friend Candy received one once for a gift when she first got married.

Does that make the little old lady that made it a 'Modern Surrealist?"

Littlebits Designs

Pictures in this post were gathered from Dollar Store Crafts

Monday Make-Over

I asked readers to ignore an ugly lamp in my last post.
I don't think it's ugly anymore...

The shiny brass bottom is gone.
Was shiny, shiny brass ever in style??

Sometimes you just have to look at things for their shape and potential.
I used an oil based primer so the paint would stick to the metal, then layered on 3 different colors, one coat at a time.
I finished it by sanding it, and adding a clear, matte glaze.

Can you see the little bits of french blue, and ecru peeking through?

I topped it with a simple linen drum shade.

Last year,I wrote a post here when my oldest son and I went to the flea market together.
He found these signs, and just had to have them for the new room he was imagining in his head.
They've been jammed between the freezer and wall in my garage for about a year now.
We decided to hang them this weekend, (his room's coming along at a snail's pace). The one way sign had a big bend in it that I couldn't get out, no matter what I tried.

But....I came up with a solution.

We ran over it with my husband's big truck.

Over, and over again.

Until it was flat.