Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monogrammed canvases, etc.

I'm scrambling around here like a crazy person, so this will be short and sweet.

Here are 2 monogram canvases I finished last night.

The larger one is for a super sweet little girl named Anniston. If you read Beth's blog, you've seen her.

The other is for my neighbor Melia's baby, due in a few short weeks. Melia is the neighbor that makes ADORABLE kids clothes. She brought me a bag full today, and if I wasn't so beat, I would post pictures of them tonight. Check her stuff out here.
Her little boy is one of Lilly's favorite friends. She almost always includes Hudson in her prayers. She sometimes includes every other 3/4 year old in our zip code, but Hudson is a constant.

Here's an antique panel for over another baby's crib.

And here's a memo board in an antiqued, vintage frame. It's covered in burlap.
You really can't go wrong with natural burlap.

Here's Lilly and Hudson in full on cowboy mode. I got a few other really cute shots of them, but you could see waaaay too much of my crap stuff I'm working on.

Lilly asks me almost every day , "Is Hudson's baby out yet?"
Thankfully, not yet, I've got to paint the mural....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Another chandelier makeover...and Baker's point of view.

Yes. It's another ugly, brass light fixture. They're cheap, and they have lots of potential.
You can view others here, here, and here.

First, here's the little ceiling cover thingy.

I HATE trying to take pictures of these light fixtures. You just can't get a real life shot of them.
I hung it 20 different ways to get different angles.
If you follow my neighbor's blog, you'll have the pleasure of viewing her trashcans in the background.

This light is for a little girl's room. I bet you never would have guessed that.

I made more metal flowers, birds, and leaves. (just for you Jenni Chapman :)

Sweet little bird.
Beth's trashcans.

I think the shades for this will be the green of the leaves.

A few more angles....since I went to the trouble.

Baker brought this home from kindergarten today. It was not my finest parenting moment.
Never, ever bust out laughing when your child proudly hands you his/her artwork. He was emotionally bruised. (but not anything a few M&M's couldn't fix.)

We're all there.

I just didn't realize I married a really short, black man. With glasses.
I do, however, appreciate my long skinny legs.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sweet little budget nursery

How would you feel if I showed you this lamp and said, "I found a great floorlamp for your nursery!"
Luckily, my friend Heather trusted me to turn it, and a car load of other stuff, into a sweet nursery for her new baby girl.

Heather is very frugal, a trait I seem to gravitate to, so we sort of challenged ourselves to do this on a dime.

I insisted on a very neutral pallette. I think that if you keep everything clean and simple, all the fun little details are highlighted.
We painted the crib and changing table a linen color, and she chose a chair in a similar color.
All the curtains and bedding are done in whites and creams. We chose fabrics that were wide off the bolt, giving us more fabric to work with. I think the cost of the fabric for the 2 window panels, dust skirt, bumper, and trims totaled around $75.

The light fixture we worked out in a trade. My neighbor had this fixture, and it was black. Heather had the fixture seen here, before it was a carrot. (If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, go to the link, I promise you'll understand).
I had them agree to trade, since each other's fixtures were more suited for the other's project.

I made some metal flowers and leaves, and covered some shades in fabrics amd ruffles left from the curtains.

A flea market frame, re-worked a bit, now serves as a memo board or bow hanger.

For now, since the baby is only 1 day old, and has no hair, we hung the pacifier clips her mom has collected.

The curtains were hung on simple white rods with white rings.

Rarely do I buy something and do nothing to it, but these I left completely untouched.

Well, except for the little clips that were attatched to the rings.

I hate those things.

It's like hanging curtains with clothespins.

If you can drive a car, tie your shoes, or use the microwave, then you can thread a needle and sew on a curtain ring.

And, because I try to have a Bible verse in every room I do...

The one and only print in this room is this toile. The trim is actually vintage, recycled from an antique bedspread I used to cover a stool in my bedroom.

Here's the lamp from the beginning of my post.

I got to use my hacksaw on this project. One of the neighborhood kids was over as I sawed the useless arms off the lamp.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

My response - "What, you've never seen your mom using a hacksaw?"
End of discussion.

A made a little nest for the bird to sit in.
And, I love, love, love this shade.
I think it's my favorite thing in the room. I'm excited to make more.

I painted a taupe tree and leaves behind the crib, and a sash with the baby's name.

I covered a light with pillow scraps. This will provide just enough light for middle of the night changes and feedings.

The bumper is scallopped along the top, with a tight flat pleat ruffle.
The skirt will adjust as the crib height is changed.

Satin bows tie on the bumper, and trim out the skirt.

There's no doubt who this bed belongs to.

Blue birds add a touch of color.

Flowers made from - you guessed it - fabric scraps, dress up the branches.

I wanted to post a picture of the baby with the nursery pictures, but she was a 9 1/2 pounder, and her mom is recovering from a c-section. I won't bug her for a photo.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Friday Fives with the neighbor

Just Me and My Life
I haven't done a link up post in a while, but this one was easy for me.
Beth's question, "What are 5 things you ALWAYS have in the fridge?"

1.Olives or pickles.
You never know when you might need a salt/vinegar fix. It happens around here.

Every time I say how much I love Coke, someone gives me the little speech on how bad they are. I KNOW THEY ARE NOT HEALTH FOOD. It's not like I kick back with a keg of coke on the weekends. Moderation is key.You drink your morning coffee, I'll have my soda.

3.First Aid Peas
Nothing soothes a bump on the head, (or a vasectomy incision, ask Todd how he knows that..) like a bag of frozen peas. Just make sure it's clearly marked as first aid. You don't wanna be eating the peas your father -in -law used on his lower back with your pork chops.

4.Leftovers we will never eat.
I can't bring myself to throw away that half piece of grilled salmon - but I can't bring myself to eat it either.

5.Sparkling water.
Because no matter how much I love a coke, buttoning my jeans is much more satisfying. Thus, the calorie -free- bubbly -water -coke substitute.