Friday, October 23, 2009

Ugly chairs

Driving home today, as I pass the old bowling alley, I see 2 seriously ugly chairs at a garage sale set up in the parking lot. I immediately fall in love with the chairs. After approaching the somewhat shady looking guy in the parking lot, and a trip to the ATM for the $10 in cash, I stuff the ugly chairs into my car between kiddos. I hurry home, hoping to stash my treasures into the garage, to avoid my husband's confused looks and sarcastic questions. It doesn't work. Guess who's home early?
I endure his, "What are you gonna do with those?" type questions, and put them away. I would post a picture of them , but decided to wait until I can post the before and after at the same time. Frankly, you would probably think I am crazy too.
These chairs have great lines, retro, but still classic. (and they were $5 each!!)I think I am going to turn them into desk chairs for my workspace. Hopefully, they will turn out to be a great example of turning something really crappy into something awesome. We'll see....

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