Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nasty hands no more.

Well, it was flea market friday! I took all 3 kids with me, so my attention was too divided for any serious shopping. Jackson chose these old street signs for his new, "cool" room. ( I talked about it here).

I bought these salt and pepper shakers. They are each about 10" tall. I have already painted them blue, and I will post a picture when they are competely finished. They are ceramic, so, don't worry, I practically boiled them.

I bought an enormous dog bowl, but I don't have a dog.

I bought this wrought iron stand for $3. I have some experience with old, yucky stuff. I have recovered and repainted some pretty sketchty things. Having said that, removing the cushion from this thing was nasty.
It had several layers of vinyl, and they all smelled like.......well, use your imagination.

I kept the piece of wood that I removed the cover from. ( I knew it fit, and I didn't want to have to ask my husband to cut a new one. He just luuuuuvs my little projects...)

I traced the dog bowl onto the piece of wood, then traced another line 1/3" from that. I used a jigsaw to cut out the smaller traced circle.

I re attatched the wood, painted the whole thing black, then added some extra touches.

In case you are still wondering what this is, it's a basin for my kids to wash their hands on the patio before coming inside.
They sometimes look like they've been digging for China with their bare hands.

They also like to eat outdoors a lot in the summer, and this way I don't have to drag them all upstairs to wash hands.

I attatched a little wire basket to the top with a screw to hold soap.

No, I didn't choose the Lava soap because it matched the table. My Pappy, (yes, I said Pappy), always used Lava soap and an old enamelware bowl next to the garden hose to wash up from the garden.There is pumice in the soap, so it really cleans the grime off.

I had to add a cute little hook for a towel. I used heavy duty, sticky velcro to attatch it. ( again, avoiding any male involvement:)

Lilly and her neighbor friend played with it longer than it took me to make it.


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  1. Super cute idea - never would have thought of the dog bowl turned sink - So clever!!