Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flea Market Re-Wind

I think most of these things are from the July fm, but a few pieces are from May.

I skipped June to go to the beach.

This was the temperature according to my car at some point on day one.

Granted, my car could probably qualify for social security, but this is one thing on it that does actually work.

This antique fan was a man magnet.

I didn't know it was a man magnet when I bought it, I have a perfectly good man already.

I put it out front, and I think every man at the flea market stopped to look at it.

They would get a little giddy and glance at their wives (...and often life partners...) when I told them that it worked.

The cord was a little iffy, but it worked.

It was used in a factory, and the cage was around it was for obvious reasons.

It sold for my asking price - to a woman. Ha.

A king sized headboard in blue.

A couple of shabby chic sconces on top of a rustic blue bench.

A cool old school chair from the 50's ( I have more of these!), and a wooden box.

Side table in blue.

A girls desk/vanity, and a lamp I made.

A simple little rocking chair in white.

Pink gingham memo board, and a small chalkboard.

A mission oak buffet.

This thing was a beast to move.

A vintage blue highchair. I painted the tray with appliance paint so it would be really durable.

Twin size, soft pink bed.

I don't have a lot of flea critter pictures.

It was really hot.

Cindy and I were a bit lethargic. I wasn't up for much of a chase, so I had to wait for some to come to me.

I wasn't disappointed.

I remember seeing these in a cheesy little catalog full of junk my grandmother used to get.

Can you see it on the lady that looks like she's asking for directions?

Aaaah, yes.

The umbrella hat.

I will never be that desperate for shade.

And I have hands.

I did not use the "mirror image" tool in photoshop for this next one...

That is 2 grown women in matching dresses and hair-do's.

You may not be able to see in the picture, but their bra straps were even the same.

I don't know if they were twins, I was too lazy to chase them down to find out.

Not that being twins would make it any less weird...

And, just when I thought I had seen the only woman in town with the guts to pull this look off... came another umbrella hat.



  1. I love reading your blogs! If u ever need someone to keep u company at the flea market, PLEASE, call me. Lol! Looks like fun :)

  2. "And I have hands." That line made me laugh obnoxiously at my desk just now. Excellent post! Great blog! Excited to read more.