Monday, August 23, 2010

Black and Blue

I started this blog post last Sunday night.
It's Saturday.

Last week I finished some furniture for a fabulous lake house. The homeowner is the client of a designer I love to work with. I love her style, and , lucky for me, she likes painted furniture.

She gave me a couple of inspiration photos/fabrics. The one below is from the master bedroom, for 2 pieces in blue.

Here's a few shots of the furniture before.

I'll admit, part of the reason this turned out so well is because the furniture had great lines, and was in good shape to begin with. They were pieces from the homeowners family.

The markings on the furniture said 1958.

I painted the long dresser a distressed black, for a guest room.

Poor photography, I know.

I painted the hardware black as well, and used an umber glaze.

I rubbed a coat of wax over the entire piece for durability.

For the night stand and tall dresser, I painted the hardware a creamy color.

Thank you United States Postal Service for the free box I used to protect my desk.

If you work for the United States Postal Service, I promise I don't make a habit of it.

I used a robin's egg blue paint for these, topped with a grayed down tobacco glaze.

The hardware was lovingly "beaten up".

The shower curtain in the master bath had a simple bird print, so I pulled it out for the side table.

I really love this paint/glaze combination.

This picture is to show the frame.

Not hot young men loading said frame.

I promise.

My husband, (also hot and young ) made the frame for the mirror. We used reclaimed molding, and I added the red finish. This will hang over the long, black dresser.

I'm loading my August Flea Market photos. I'm hoping it won't take me a week....

I saw some serious good flea market critters, and snagged a couple of photos on the sly. I'll share soon.

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  1. So I'm toggling back and forth between a listing on Craig's list and pictures of your dresser. Trying to decide if I can work your magic. Wish I lived in Nashville. I'd come be your apprentice. : )