Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nashville Flea Market #2

It was another flea market weekend. My 2nd. I have to say, as the weather cools, it seems to be more fun. Last month it fell on the hottest weekend of the year. It was my first FM vendor experience, and my first time to cry from heat.
So, this month, my friend Cindy went with me. If she ever gets her blog up, I'll link to her. 'Till then, she's my mystery friend because I have no pictures of her. Cindy can handle the heat, likes cool old stuff like I do, and never wants anyone to cry alone. She also loves some good people watching - and there's no better place for that than the flea market.

I took more large furniture this time, and i sold it all!!

Well, all but this twin size red bed.
Cindy made these necklaces from chandelier prisms. Very cool.

Random little metal candle holder with scallopped edges. ( I really don't think "scallopped" is spelled right...)

If you've read my blog before, what do you notice about this picture????
The answer is here.

I love this vintage lamps. I pulled the one with the little angels aside - Lilly loves it.
Humpty found a new home.

I usually monogram these ribbon trimmed shades in the background - but I don't monogram at the FM.

Blue frame. I've got some bigger versions of this for my open house and CV.

What little girl doesn't need a pink jewelry box?
Evidently my little girl. I paint them all the time, and she has a white one with a broken lid.

There must be something offensive about this big polka dot frame. Everybody looks at it, but I brought it home again.
I know it's not the price - I had it cheap. It's gonna get a total makeover.

Pink side table/nightstand with the ghost of my finger in the corner.

My favorite thing this weekend was this table and chair set. I love the base of this table, and the shape of the chairs. A cute, little pregnant girl bought it. My neighbor will be sad, she was in love.

This blue headboard was a king size. It was the same robin's egg blue from my last post, but without the antique glaze.

It was U-G-L-Y when I bought it.

I think I could have sold 10 of them.

Now, on to the human interest portion of my post.
The flea critters.
Let me preface this by saying my "neighbors" were all very nice. Interesting, but very nice.
The couple next to us, would occasionally put a big tarp over their van, start the engine, and get inside for a while.
I have no idea what they were doing. I tried not to think about it when the man emerged from the van looking disheveled and dazed. Cindy had some ideas...

This guy, also one of God's children, had a most unusual mullet.
It had stripes, and lots of volume.

I was really disappointed in how the next picture turned out. You can't see the rope this man had tied to his daughter.
I understand toddlers and child leashes. I even linked up to a funny post about them here.
This girl was not a toddler, and he used a rope.
With a huge knot.
He tied it to his belt loop.
The little girl kapt getting frustrated. and dropping back behind him. He just kept yanking on the rope.
Cindy, who is also the director at my kids' preschool, was mortified, and sent me running after them for a picture.

That's all I've got. Now, back to sewing Christmas stockings...

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  1. You are so talented! Glad y'all had a good time and the heat didn't kill you!!!! Such BEAUTIFUL pieces! You bring a new meaning to 'one mans trash is another mans treasure'! Good goin Le-A! ;)