Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas village

What a weekend! It was Christmas Village, and I feel like I am finally coming back to the real world. Four days, and a total of 33 1/2 hours in the same chair painting names over, and over left my behind numb, and my hands sore. I am not complaining though, I am very thankful for the turnout, and all the lovely ladies that bought things in my booth. I am, however, glad to be able to eat something besides $1.00 large cokes from McDonald's. My liquid diet was beginning to get to me.
My biggest seller this year was personalized pajamas, and t-shirts with chenille christmas trees. I have never had either of these before, so I was pleasantly surprised. I was also pleasantly surprised that I didn't make as many mistakes this year. When you can take any name and spell it 5 different ways, it's easy to spell it wrong, especially when fatigue sets in. (Caitlin, Kaitlin, Kaitlyn, Katelyn, Caitlynn, you see my point...)
I only had one weird return too. A lady returned a bib, she said she didn't like the "s". it looked fine to me, but the customer is always right, right?(except for the time a lady claimed the ladybugs along the bottom of her chalkboard were too big ...did she want them in actual size??)
I hated to post the picture that shows the booth from the aisle, it looks pretty pitiful and picked over. I was surprised to see in the picture a lady walking around with a beer. In my 10 years at CV, I never knew they served beer!! Maybe that's why the "s" and the lady bugs looked funny.....
All in all it was hard work, but lots of fun. I got to spend time working with my whole family, and with friends I rarely see. I now owe lots of folks lots of favors though for helping out with my know who you are :)

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