Saturday, February 13, 2010

5 Strangest Painting Requests

I hesitate to title this as the 5 strangest painting requests. As soon as I hit "publish", I will probably think of 5 more requests that were even stranger. But, it's a catchy title.

Here we go:

5. Pontoon Boat - I was asked to paint a design around a pontoon boat. I was kind of nervous about it, but it actually ended up being fun. Two recently divorced mothers, who were also neighbors, bought the boat together. They completely 'remodeled' the whole boat themselves! The day I was there, they had an electrician there to help with the lights, and I think they knew more than he did. He ended up leaving confused and frustrated, and they finished the job themselves. I only wish I had taken pictures.

4.A teddy bear on a jet ski - About all I can say about this job is that I painted the bear on the jet ski well. Super sweet lady, questionable descision making skills when it comes to nursery decor.

3. Plumbing - Yep. Someone paid me to paint the pipes under their sink. Evidentally, you can't buy bronze finished drain traps.

2. An armadillo holding the state flag of Texas- Believe it or not, this was actually really appropriate in the room I was working in. It was a nursery with a cowboy/Texas theme. We needed a little something by the bottom of the door. This is what the homeowner came up with. She has a great sense of humor(and style), and it turned out to be just right. But, just as a side note, you cannot make an armadillo cute. They are ugly, ugly rodents.

1. A topless mermaid -
I objected at first.
I was young.
I needed the money.
I did it.
I found a loophole.
I painted her hair to cover the naughty parts.
I was reprimanded.
I never fixed it.

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