Monday, February 8, 2010

Cheap organizers, and.......groceries. Again.

I love to organize. That's not to say I always stay organized - but I love to at least try. It soothes my OCD :)
I needed to have a place to store random things like travel maps and user manuals from a million different appliances and toys, and I have this need to put everything into a box, or container. I can remember being in high school, visiting my sister in her college dorm. I would reorganize all her stuff into containers. It drove her nuts.
I looked at magazine files, they were perfect for the shelf, but they were too expensive. About $8 each at Target, and I needed 18. So, I improvised.

I went to Office Max and bought 6 - 3 packs of cardboard magazine files. Stylish they were not.

I picked up a roll of brown kraft paper from the shipping aisle as well. I sprayed the files with spray adhesive, and basically wrapped them like a gift in the brown paper.

I trimmed the edges, tucked them over, and glued them. I just taped the seams on the bottm.

Before putting them on the shelf, I had to label them. What kind of organizing freak would I be if I didn't??
The paper labels wrapped around the edges of the box make a nice 'stripe' when they are all lined up on the shelf. The whole project cost about $30.
I realize this is not a Martha Stewart caliber project, but I don't have a Martha Stewart caliber budget. In other words, it'll do.

Now. Groceries.

I am ONLY doing this because so many have asked me to. This is only my trip to Publix. I also made a trip to Kroger this week, spending $45 on meat, produce, coffee, and a few stock up items, like 20 boxes of dishwasher tablets.

Yes. 20.

Here's the list:
2 6packs Trix yogurt (has HFCS in it, which doesn't thrill me, but hey,it's 4 oz.)
6 32 oz. cartons chicken broth - I cook w/this all the time
4 1 lb. pkgs bacon - will freeze
5 boxes Ritz Crackerfuls
2 boxes Special K Granola
2 tubs French Onion dip
3 Knox gelatin
2 Glass Plus
2 French's Mustard
3 Ravioli (packs in thermos for lunches)
1 Sabra Hummus
Organic Broccoli
Organic Romaine hearts
I already had the 10 year old boy
Total Before Tax $3.11

And, here's the receipt to prove I am telling the truth.

One last picture. My sister gave may daughter a bag full of hair "stuff". Clips, barrettes, etc. (May I add, all these things were in a container, so HA! I rubbed off on her.)

She let the boys 'give her a hair-do.'

Big mistake. I think the picture makes it clear she was not thrilled with the results.

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