Thursday, February 18, 2010

Me and My Tightwad

Today was a busy day!

I painted several plate orders.

I went to the grocery, spending only $8.46 on over $125 worth of groceries. I will not bore you with details or photos....

I endured watching Tiger Woods' apology. Then I endured an interview with his porn star bimbo and her lawyer demanding he apologize to her in person for being 'dishonest' with her. Is it just me, or should she have known he was dishonest?? He was cheating on his wife...

Lilly had a friend over.

I helped to remove another bird that somehow found it's way inside my house. We had no idea it was in here, until it emerged to send my daughter running, and screaming in terror. Upon sitting down to write this post, I noticed a little present it left me.

On my printer.

I helped my husband install a new, much needed, kitchen faucet.

We have been working really hard to finish our bathroom remodel. (We have spent waaay too much time at Lowes and Home Depot).So, today I put a coat of primer on the walls, and the finish on the new top for the vanity. This is a before..

At first we were just going to update it, but we ended up taking it out to the studs. And, we have done the entire thing ourselves. Not one worker has stepped foot into this house.


My husband is a very handy guy - but he is also a serious tightwad.
He changes the oil in our cars himself (and the occasional alternator or brakes).
He always mows our lawn himself.
He washes our cars himself.
He washes and presses his dress shirts himself ---no wait, that's me.
I have even seen him patch our very steep roof.....with a rope tied around his waist, and my dad holding the other end.
He refuses to have a car payment.
I guess I should call him "thrifty". (but, every time the back passenger door lock sticks in my paid for, practical, very non luxury SUV, I can think of lots of things to call him, and "thrifty" isn't one of them.....)

The crazy thing is, he really does a good job on all these things he takes on. (I assume he patched the roof well - I'm not going up there to check it.)
He has done a fabulous job on the bathroom,while sticking to our budget,and I cannot wait to post 'after' pictures.

I got a freebie in the mail today. Go here to get super cheap labels, business cards, etc. Occasionally, they have stuff for free, you only have to pay shipping. I got 150 of these labels.

I think I've done enough - time for a good book.

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  1. I think you deserve a book and Todd deserves a big fat hug. :)

  2. By the way, that is almost exactly the same model as my kitchen faucet!