Monday, June 14, 2010

How to make a quickie hammock

My kids are my top priority- but I have to have time to complete work for clients.

Summer is a tough balance. I love that my kids are all out of school/preschool, but I would be a total liar to say that keeping them entertained is easy. I have a wide age range. I can't tell my 10 year old, "Go play in the sandbox with your sister."

I struggle to find ways to keep all three happily occupied, even if only for a little while.

Out of the blue, the boys decided they really wanted a hammock. Right now.

I called around, and the cheapest thing I could find was $99. I don't think so.

So, I pulled out some heavyweight fabric I had. I measured the distance between the two trees I wanted to hang the hammock from. I cut the fabric this length plus 6 inches.

The fabric I had was 54" wide, so I just left the finished selvage edge.

I used the added 6 inches to make a casing on each end. I sewed this seam several times for strength.

I bought this package of 2 lashing straps for $3.19. These are to go around each tree. But before tightening them...

I ran these 2 zip ties through the casings, and underneath the lashing straps before fastening them.

I tightened the straps, and that was it. Instant hammock.

Well, that was it except for having to cover the ugly yellow straps with leftover strips of fabric. I know it's pointless and silly, but I just couldn't look at those bright yellow straps. (they don't come in a nice chocolate brown).

They played for hours, and have used it everyday since.

We actually ended up attatching the hammock to the treehouse on one side - so it would not interfere with their favorite thing in our yard - a rope our columbian tree trimmer once tied way up high for them to swing on.

Spend 2 summers building a treehouse - they play on a $5 rope.

Well, a rope and a hammock.

( On a side note, I eventually replaced the 2 zip ties with 2 more sets of lashing straps. It only took Lilly plummeting to the ground once to make that change :)

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