Saturday, June 26, 2010

Twas' the night before church camp....

We dropped our oldest off for his first week of church camp on Sunday.

Despite my near depression over leaving him, everything went well.

Well, other than some of the other parents laughing at my OCD style of packing. (...and bed making, and sanitizing...)

Everything was in a ziploc, and I labeled everything from his toothbrush to his box of band-aids. For his towels, I moved beyond the Sharpie.

I bought a pack of iron-on knee patches from Hobby Lobby for $1.49.

I typed Jackson's name in word, and printed it on paper.

I then taped the patch, shiny side down, to the paper over the words.

I then ran the paper back thru the printer.

I got better at this on my second try. I was able to turn the patch, and fit the names on them twice.

All I had to do now was cut them out, and iron them on. The heat from the iron as you adhere them will set the ink.

I think i'll iron these onto anything and everything. Lilly needs some pink ones....

Just as a little extra, here's a bowl my mom brought for me to paint. I think it came from Goodwill. It was unfinished wood, and I painted it green. She wants to use it to stash some of the vegetables my dad brings in from his garden every day . Since they can't eat several pounds of tomatos, squash, cucumbers and peppers each day - they can at least look pretty in this bowl.

I mixed some stain , and rubbed it on in a circular pattern.

And, of course, I had to distress the edges. What would a painting project be without distressed edges??

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