Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flea Market 101

I always shop at the flea market. I had never sold anything at the flea market.
A crowded workroom and garage encouraged me to give it a try. (Well, that and getting a lump sum tuition statement for my boys' schoolyear that made me want to drink bleach).

Here's a little taste of what I took - and, happily, didn't bring home.

Table and 2 chairs with pink birdies.

Random signs.

Memo board.


Pink distressed frame with 3 openings.

This frame is much bigger than it looks in the picture. I actually did bring this one back home.

8 x 10 frame sitting on a side table I forgot to photograph.

A box and a bowl.

More signs. These suckers sold out quick. Who knew? I'll be making more.
Suggestions for witty phrases are always welcome...

Big memo board.

A teacher bought this for her classroom.

Vintage baby bed. I made some pink toile baby bedding to go with it.

Love my boys...

Robin's egg blue frame with teeny tiny opening.

Random stuff. This humpty dumpty lamp I love. It's from the 60's, and I love it's new color scheme.
One morning, after making the mistake of leaving humpty exposed on my desk, I awoke to find him with only one arm. I interrogated my kids as to where his arm went.
Lilly looked the most guilty.
I asked her very nicely where she put "the arm"?
She said "the big trashcan".
That's not really what I wanted to hear. Knowing the trash had been taken out, Todd and I spent a very romantic 20 minutes going through the garbage.
95 degree heat = super duper stinky garbage.
We didn't find it.

Pressed tin framed mirror, a pink wicker rocker (with pillows to match the cradle).

After sitting outside on the hottest weekend of the year( really), I came away with an education in the different species of flea market shoppers.
Some, like myself, just want some cool, old stuff.
Some want serious antiques.
Some want tube socks and out of date Avon.
Some just want to walk their dogs and shop simultaneously.
Some want to show off their tatoos, and tell you all about them.
And, some just seem like they might want some crack, a strong antibiotic, or maybe a defense attorney.
In the end, I sold pretty much everything. I think I might go back.

I found Humpty's arm. It was no where near the trashcan.


  1. Oooooh! I love the tin-framed mirror! That is what I need (only a little bigger) for my half bath! Any left??