Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adios, Pedro

I'm writing this from my "safe place". We're having some pretty strong storms coming through our area, so I've been watching the local news, which is non-stop weather reporting.
They name towns or cities that I've never heard of.
Today they mentioned Hoodoo and Bugscuffle.
I did not make those up.

Between the rain, I've gotten ots of frames finished. I love the large white one. It's marked 'Ethan Allen 1910'. I don't know how acurate that is, but It'll make a great chalkboard.

Ignore the crazy ugly lamp, that makeover will be up soon.
The box it's sitting on is an old cheese box. They are typically all wood. This one had this great metal edging that has a sort of pie-crust effect.

Cool, huh? This is the lid. With a bit of sawing, I made the bottom into a twin. Not sure what to paint on it though...

I posted a piece on facebook last week, but thought I would show the before.

It was a plain, poorly stained, 5 drawer dresser.

I painted it in Porter Paint's ecru, and topped it with a wanut tinted glaze.

These croquet balls have nothing to do with the dresser, but I like the picture.

We'll say it shows the finish up close....

What are all the kiddos looking at so intently???

A super mean looking turtle.

He was NOT shy. He didn't go into his shell once.

I 'm no turtle expert, but he looked eager to bite a chunk out of a small finger.

The kids plyed with him for hours.

He wandered into our backyard.

I bet he'll never do that again....

If he does, we'll recognize him.

They named him Pedro, and begged me to write his name on his shell.

I hope Pedro likes blue, cause it's permanent.

Notice the live bug in his mouth??


For once, I think they listened to me.

They look a little wary of losing a finger.

He ran away during the night.

Adios, Pedro.

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  1. You should keep Pedro around until the cicadas are gone.