Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jewelry boxes and ramblings...

These little packages are actually jewelry boxes. The larger ones stack together, and have 2 little compartments that are lined with pink felt. The smallest one is just a good old fashioned little jewelry box. I think they would be cute with a monogram on the top stuck into a little girl's Easter basket. (Any little girl but Lilly - she has 3 former sample jewelry boxes

already.) Thhe large ones are $10, the smaller one is $8.

Do you love these too?
My neighbor, Beth, has threatened to steal my salt and pepper shakers for a while now.
They're shiny, pretty blue, and huge.
She has shaker envy.
Here's what they looked like before. Before I bleached, boiled, and painted them.

Well, lucky for Beth, I found a set for her this past weekend. They aren't as big as mine, but they're close.

I got something interesting in the mail this week, from Lysol, of all places.

This book came with a lovely letter congratulating me on my new arrival. (???)
I haven't had a baby since 2006.

I love the phrase under the title, "From Birth to Reality".
If that was really the basis to the book it would be pretty short.
The reality part would begin the day you get home from the hospital, and could be summed up by saying,
"You will never ever get enough sleep ever again.
You will no longer spend money on yourself.
You will lose much of your dignity doing things you promised yourself you never would.
You will turn into your mother.
Welcome to reality.
The end."

Part of my reality is that Baker has a great dislike for 'play clothes'.
He prefers shirts with a collar.
He rarely goes without a belt.
My oldest prefers the homeless look.
I pick my battles.
This is what Baker came up with when I asked him to change out of his school uniform into play clothes.

Aaaahhh. Mixing plaids. It's an art form. Clearly, one we have not yet mastered.

When I asked him to change into a shirt that matched his shorts, he put on stripes.....

.....and took off running throught the basement when he saw the camera.
It's blurry, but I 'gotcha.

Last, but not least, I had another surprise visitor.

Another bird.

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