Saturday, December 5, 2009

Top 5 ridiculous names

I realize that with this post I am taking a risk. A risk of making somebody's momma mad at me. It's been a long, stressful week so I wanted to post something fun. I like an unusual name as much as anyone, I have a kid named Baker after all, but I am going to list some of the weirdest names I have come across in the past 10 years of personalizing. I can't remember them all, the world is full of poor decision makers.
I decided to skip the crazy spellings - "Alicesynn" or "Jaxsyn" and the funny monograms "aSs" (as in horse's a**)
and go straight to the names.

#5 Hoke - Really, what were they thinking??

#4 Hutt - Rhymes with mutt, slut, not good...

#3 Sapp and Crady - I realize these are 2 names, but they were brothers. A pair. Two eastern Kentucky boys doomed to a life of "Huh? How do you spell that?"

#2 Tupper - as in Tupperware? I'm sure there is a family meaning somewhere behind this, but didn't they have a Mary or Katherine somewhere in the family tree too?

#1 Cosmo - Yep. As in Kramer. Were they big Seinfeld fans? Is his older brother named "Seven"? If it was a nickname, they didn't tell me. My sister couldn't quit marveling over that one. She just kept shaking her head saying, "Cosmo? Really?"..

Hope you got a giggle out of them, and if you know any of these children, please don't forward this to their parents :)

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