Monday, December 14, 2009

A few of my favorite things....

I am often asked random questions. Sometimes I actually have the answer. I got an email the other day asking me about "favorite things". Here are a few:

Redbox Movie rentals I can pull up to the curb at McDonald's, pick out a movie, and my kids, who are 4 feet away, never get out of their seatbelts. Hallelujah!!!

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Sometimes painting projects can get a little marked up in transit, or just by being in my house. I once had a stepstool sitting in my living room, waiting for the owner to arrive and pick it up. I had completely re-done this thing. It was beautiful.

Walking down the hall, I found the cap to a marker. A sharpie marker. You know, those permanent black ones that scare the heck out of anyone who has ever tried to remove the stains they leave behind. One of my lovely children had decided to draw all over the customers receipt, which was taped to the stool.Some of the marker bled through. Knowing the customer was on her way to my house, I freaked out. I tried 409, goo gone, OOPS, I even spit on a paper towel and rubbed it. NOTHING worked. Until..... I pulled out the magic eraser!!! She never knew....

La Croix water When it's 2am, and I am painting plate number 45 of 60, it makes me think I am drinking a coke. It's full of bubbles, but no sugar or caffeine. Yum.

Etsy So much creativity in one place! A great way to get inspired. (Or make yourself feel like a total, talentless loser)

Reprodepot I love the fabrics on this site. Lots of things you cannot find anywhere else.

Hydrogen PeroxideYeah, you read that right. A fresh bottle will get almost any stain out of carpet or car upholstry. Try it - you'll like it - and I can say I- told -you- so.

Friday Night Lights I'm a Fox News, Discovery channel girl. I don't normally follow many shows. But, I am hooked on this one. It's on channel 101 on Directv, or on DVD. Finally, a show where the southern accents don't sound completely ridiculous.

Random pictures of my kids doing strange things that make me laugh
Who doesn't love stuff like that. The posed portraits are great (is this an appropriate time to plug my photographer sister??)but I think some of the real memories are made in moments of laughter. I am treating you to one of my recent additions to this category. My liitle lady in her princess dress, chasing her brother with a rubber mallet.

Green highlighters 'cause that's what I use to mark things off my to-do list.


  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite things....I'm going to try the Mr. Clean magic Erasers! Love your site too!
    okay...i must be a moron...not sure what i'm suppose to select for profile! ugh.

  2. I know.. the magic eraser.... always wondered what they are made of. They can make old and dirty look new

    Like your blog! I am rather new at blogging myself.