Friday, July 9, 2010

School Desk Makeover and Serious Roller Coasters

A customer of mine brought me an old school desk she had been keeping for years. She wanted it re-painted for her son and daughter to both use.

That can be tricky.

In case you've never noticed, boys and girls like totally different things. There is no great way to incorporate footballs and Cinderella into one tasteful piece of furniture.

So, I decided to go with the green/brown combination. In my opinion, brown is one of the most versatile colors out there. It really works for boys and girls - and green is gender neutral too.

Stripes and dots make it youthful.

A mix of girlish and boyish bugs.

Todd and I are all smiles in this picture.

You would be smiling too if you had just left your kids with their grandparents for a full 36 hours.

We spent a saturday at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. It's the roller coaster capitol of the world, and it's right on Lake Erie.

Oh, yeah. I rode this.

You have the choice of being dropped from the top, or sent flying from the ground up.

We chose to be dropped.

I have a fear of heights, but I tried to pretend I didn't for a day.

This is the Millenium Force. Probably not a good idea for us height fearing folks.

Todd said I didn't even scream, I just moaned or squeaked occasionally throughout the ride.

Here's the downward view.

Next up: Top Thrill Dragster

This thing is 420 high.
Straight up.
Straight down.
Here's the view from the top.

This thing went 120 miles an hour, and only lasted 17 seconds. when it came to a stop, my eyes were watering, and I think may nose may have been running, but I was so stunned I barely noticed.
The first ride we went on when we got to the park had this patch job.

Duct tape and a missing screw. We didn't notice until the end of the ride, thank goodness, and, clearly, we survived.

Between rides, we enjoyed a little people watching.
I love people watching.

This whole "pants on the ground" thing has always confused me. It can't be comfortable. It certainly isn't functional.
Surely thugs realize they can't get away from the po-lice with their belt around their thighs.
But, if you're gonna do it, take a hint from this guy.
If you're gonna show the world your drawers, make 'em flashy.
And make sure the bling on your belt matches.


  1. You have inspired me with the desk. Too cute!! I have one in my attic I need to bring down and paint.

    You have NOT inspired me with those rides!!! I have NEVER been able to ride those tall ones. Call me chicken!

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  3. I love the look on your face in the "pants on the ground" pic.

    Very funny!