Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wedding Platter & Lampshades

I had 2 custom orders picked up today, and I thought I would post them both.
First is the wedding plate. Custom pottery can be sooo expensive. I personally believe you should not have to sell a kidney to get it. I must admit, this is a bit of a copy. The cute newlywed girl that ordered it sent me a picture of one she liked, and I ran with it. She found the plate/platter at Wal-Mart!! Very affordable wedding gift...(hint, hint).
Next is the lampshades.
Just 2 plain old white, Target lampshades.
I used a very scary looking piece of equipment to finish this project. It is a gathering foot for my sewing machine. The first time I used it, I nearly lost a finger. Really. It was gruesome, I won't go into further detail.

Despite our rough beginning, I now love this crazy looking thing. It gathers anything and everything into perfect ruffles or pleats.
I gathered some 1 1/2 grosgrain ribbon. With fabric glue I attatched it to the base of the shades. I then used opaque pink fabric paint for the initials.
I think she said these shades were for either side of the bed. Very sweet.

Even if you can't paint, or don't have the scary sewing machine parts, you could do something similar. Just run a basting thread ( that means longer than normal) through the center of your ribbon, and pull gently from each end to make it gather.

To seal the ends of the ribbon, just run them through the flame of a lighter.(carefully please!)

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