Friday, September 10, 2010

Sweet little budget nursery

How would you feel if I showed you this lamp and said, "I found a great floorlamp for your nursery!"
Luckily, my friend Heather trusted me to turn it, and a car load of other stuff, into a sweet nursery for her new baby girl.

Heather is very frugal, a trait I seem to gravitate to, so we sort of challenged ourselves to do this on a dime.

I insisted on a very neutral pallette. I think that if you keep everything clean and simple, all the fun little details are highlighted.
We painted the crib and changing table a linen color, and she chose a chair in a similar color.
All the curtains and bedding are done in whites and creams. We chose fabrics that were wide off the bolt, giving us more fabric to work with. I think the cost of the fabric for the 2 window panels, dust skirt, bumper, and trims totaled around $75.

The light fixture we worked out in a trade. My neighbor had this fixture, and it was black. Heather had the fixture seen here, before it was a carrot. (If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, go to the link, I promise you'll understand).
I had them agree to trade, since each other's fixtures were more suited for the other's project.

I made some metal flowers and leaves, and covered some shades in fabrics amd ruffles left from the curtains.

A flea market frame, re-worked a bit, now serves as a memo board or bow hanger.

For now, since the baby is only 1 day old, and has no hair, we hung the pacifier clips her mom has collected.

The curtains were hung on simple white rods with white rings.

Rarely do I buy something and do nothing to it, but these I left completely untouched.

Well, except for the little clips that were attatched to the rings.

I hate those things.

It's like hanging curtains with clothespins.

If you can drive a car, tie your shoes, or use the microwave, then you can thread a needle and sew on a curtain ring.

And, because I try to have a Bible verse in every room I do...

The one and only print in this room is this toile. The trim is actually vintage, recycled from an antique bedspread I used to cover a stool in my bedroom.

Here's the lamp from the beginning of my post.

I got to use my hacksaw on this project. One of the neighborhood kids was over as I sawed the useless arms off the lamp.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

My response - "What, you've never seen your mom using a hacksaw?"
End of discussion.

A made a little nest for the bird to sit in.
And, I love, love, love this shade.
I think it's my favorite thing in the room. I'm excited to make more.

I painted a taupe tree and leaves behind the crib, and a sash with the baby's name.

I covered a light with pillow scraps. This will provide just enough light for middle of the night changes and feedings.

The bumper is scallopped along the top, with a tight flat pleat ruffle.
The skirt will adjust as the crib height is changed.

Satin bows tie on the bumper, and trim out the skirt.

There's no doubt who this bed belongs to.

Blue birds add a touch of color.

Flowers made from - you guessed it - fabric scraps, dress up the branches.

I wanted to post a picture of the baby with the nursery pictures, but she was a 9 1/2 pounder, and her mom is recovering from a c-section. I won't bug her for a photo.


  1. Love this room! So so cute! You did awesome!

  2. It is so cute!! I love it!!! That lampshade is darn cute!!!

  3. You are so incredibly talented...I think you should have your own tv show!! Love everything about the room!
    I needed you five babies ago:)!
    Hope to see you soon!
    Margaret Pyburn

  4. You made some metal flowers and leaves??? You never cease to amaze me.

  5. Gorgeous...I think the tree and the frilly lamp are my favorite!

  6. Gorgeous!!! I LOVE this room!

  7. very very stunning. I have the same crib if it's made by delta it might be on the recall list. I think they just send you a retro fit kit to make it safer

  8. You would never know this nursery was done on any sort of budget. It looks so rich and well put together. Great job!

  9. Very very cute! Love the beautiful tree with flowers on the wall!

  10. I love her room! So pretty and very neat!

  11. Love the flowers on the trees. Such a wonderful idea.

  12. This is gorgeous! You did an amazing job. The flower details on the tree are just the sweetest and so creative. What a serene room. Perfect for mom and baby to rest and recover.

  13. Simply the most precious!! I love the sign above the's just perfect! I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner and I just love your blog! I'd love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! Have a darling day!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  14. You made this into such a lovely room! I especially love the Bible verse, it adds a beautiful touch.

  15. Even though it is a nursery room, adults can pretty much make use of it too. That window matched the design of the curtain. I'm sure the room would be bright when the sun comes up.