Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monogrammed canvases, etc.

I'm scrambling around here like a crazy person, so this will be short and sweet.

Here are 2 monogram canvases I finished last night.

The larger one is for a super sweet little girl named Anniston. If you read Beth's blog, you've seen her.

The other is for my neighbor Melia's baby, due in a few short weeks. Melia is the neighbor that makes ADORABLE kids clothes. She brought me a bag full today, and if I wasn't so beat, I would post pictures of them tonight. Check her stuff out here.
Her little boy is one of Lilly's favorite friends. She almost always includes Hudson in her prayers. She sometimes includes every other 3/4 year old in our zip code, but Hudson is a constant.

Here's an antique panel for over another baby's crib.

And here's a memo board in an antiqued, vintage frame. It's covered in burlap.
You really can't go wrong with natural burlap.

Here's Lilly and Hudson in full on cowboy mode. I got a few other really cute shots of them, but you could see waaaay too much of my crap stuff I'm working on.

Lilly asks me almost every day , "Is Hudson's baby out yet?"
Thankfully, not yet, I've got to paint the mural....

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