Monday, September 13, 2010

Another chandelier makeover...and Baker's point of view.

Yes. It's another ugly, brass light fixture. They're cheap, and they have lots of potential.
You can view others here, here, and here.

First, here's the little ceiling cover thingy.

I HATE trying to take pictures of these light fixtures. You just can't get a real life shot of them.
I hung it 20 different ways to get different angles.
If you follow my neighbor's blog, you'll have the pleasure of viewing her trashcans in the background.

This light is for a little girl's room. I bet you never would have guessed that.

I made more metal flowers, birds, and leaves. (just for you Jenni Chapman :)

Sweet little bird.
Beth's trashcans.

I think the shades for this will be the green of the leaves.

A few more angles....since I went to the trouble.

Baker brought this home from kindergarten today. It was not my finest parenting moment.
Never, ever bust out laughing when your child proudly hands you his/her artwork. He was emotionally bruised. (but not anything a few M&M's couldn't fix.)

We're all there.

I just didn't realize I married a really short, black man. With glasses.
I do, however, appreciate my long skinny legs.


  1. Love that chandelier!! So awesome.

    Ok, I must admit that I laughed out loud just now when I saw Baker's picture. That is so funny!!! Seriously, I wonder how that happened?

  2. I was wondering when you traded Todd for Tyron!

  3. are hysterical! Love the chandelier!

  4. Ok, I laughed out loud at the commentary about the picture... hilarious!

  5. I think Baker's picture of his family is WONDERFUL!!!! A true artist :) p.s. those are not glasses...we had just talked about how everyone has a black dot in the middle of their eyes haha
    ~~Ms. Winfree~~