Monday, February 7, 2011

Everybody Likes Fried Chicken

With another snow day, and a husband in Orlando this week, I haven't really gotten as much done as I would have liked. But, I got pictures of a thing or two.

I painted a family cookie jar.

With the name on the back. (Or front, I guess, depending on how you turn it.)

See Mom's cute pearl necklace and earrings?
I always sell these around Mother's Day.
Take the hint, plan ahead.
One Christmas, I made one for Jackson's teacher with all the students on it. She was able to save it from the flood that devastated the school last year.

Lilly fell in love with this lap tray when I painted it for a birthday gift. I have painted literally thousands of these, and my daughter uses a a gross old green one with nothing painted on it.
She requested a pink one as a valentines gift.

I painted this before Christmas, but posted a picture of it on my Facebook page to sell the other 3 I still have.
And, in the family way, my kids have been doing a little artwork themselves.
These pictures were hanging from the stairway ceiling this morning as I made my way to the garage.

Sorry, Jackson. Cute drawings from your siblings, clever placement, and even the fancy handwriting won't keep you home today.
You know an 11 year old boy really wants something when he busts out the semi-cursive handwriting.
Speaking of writing....
Lilly wrote some of her name in purple marker on Jackson's desk.( Luckily, I am planning on painting it soon anyway.)
I noticed this as I was putting away Jackson's laundry.

Could of been worse. I've never met anybody that doesn't like fried chicken.

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