Friday, February 25, 2011

Pretty Bird

A couple of things I learned over the weekend:

1. The more you value something, the better it tastes to your puppy. The otttoman I painfully re-upholstered must have been delicious.

2. My Baker can argue, pretty convincingly, that Scooby-Doo was actually the bravest one in the gang.

3.Birds are sneaky. They can get into my house somehow without me knowing it.

4. Kids grow up waaay to fast.

Baker turned seven this Sunday. To add insult to injury, he also lost his first tooth.
No, I didn't skimp on a cake, he wanted donuts.
I'll tell you about the bird in a moment.

First, pictures of stuff that left here recently.

Burlap covered shade with handpainted monogram.

A couple expecting their first baby brought me a crib just like this one....

...and it went home like this.

A birthday plate. I did a wedding plate for this girl a while back. Waaay more than 9 months ago for those of you that like to whisper about that stuff.

A little girl baby plate.

Here's today's bird.

I posted about a different bird here.

Lilly was playing with her new babydoll.
As I walked across the room, and a bird swooped over my head.
Naturally, I screamed.
Lilly looked panic stricken, so I shooed her up the stairs empty handed.
She realizes she doesn't have her doll, and starts screaming, "My baby! Save my baby!", like the star of a Lifetime movie.
When the bird is gone, she tells me "I'm so glad the birdie didn't eat my baby's face."

Is she watching Hitchcock and Lifetime movies in the middle of the night?"

I'll never know for sure .


  1. This whole post made me laugh!! I was in hiding all weekend so tell Baker I will take him to Happy Hour for his birthday, Sonics that is!!

  2. Love the square plates!!! Very cute for a shape change *and the burlap shade is wonderful!! I have a chocolate brown burlap that I think I need painted with cream maybe like the one shown in your post now-can I bring it when I pick up my album covers? Also-around my AWESOME black kitchen table, I have white slipcovered chairs! Would they look cute with a monogram painted on in black- similar to the lampshade?If you like/think so, would you need to paint them on the chairs? I will text you the lamp and the table/chairs. Let me know price ideas! :) Kelly Austin

  3. hi kim,
    your birdie story made me laugh out loud! thank you, i needed that today.
    and be sure to put your lilly into drama classes when she's old enough!
    judi ;)