Friday, February 4, 2011

Farm Table Before and After

I recently found this table, and I loved the shape. This is the only before picture I have. It was about 5 below zero every time I worked on it, so picture taking was way low on my list. Somewhere below thawing out my toes and fingers.

I painted it in a black, distressed finish, and added a couple of coats of polyeurethane to the top. The new owner has 2 kids, so I'm assuming there will be lots of wiping in it's future.

This next photo was taken at a weird angle in the back of Todd's truck. Thus, the odd placement of the car in the bottom corner.

I wish distressed furniture had been the style when I was little. I remember my mom fussing at us for scratching up the kitchen chairs with the buckles on our shoes.
That sounds really old fashioned doesn't it?

Littlebits Designs


  1. Oh my gosh this looks AMAZING!!! Will you come do a table for ME now :)

  2. what type of paint did you use for this table ? i considere spray painting my table legs and handpainting my surface

  3. Better than any black farmhouse table ive seen