Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From My Phone

Last year I took a little weekend trip to Cincinatti, OH. I wrote about it here.
This weekend we get to go back, and I'm super excited. I'm trying to finish up a lot of furniture before I leave, and hopefully I can post pictures when I get back.

I've had a bunch of baby gift orders come in this week. So many babies being born right now. What was going on last May/June???? Did I miss something?

Can you tell this is a bow hanger? Don't you love the nail hole in the picture I was too lazy to photoshop out?

I was going through my phone today, clearing out all the pictures. A lot of the pictures I take are to send to Todd. Just random, daily little stuff, especially when he is out of town.
I thought I would share a few.

I saw a couple of things at Lowe's I wanted to remember.

I think this galvanized light could be really cool in the right place. It could be painted, and even re-wired to plug-in, instead of being hard wired. The price is perfect too.

I thought this table lamp was really great too. I was thinking of it for Baker's new desk (pictures coming very soon), but I went with something I already had. I think this one was under $30 as well.

The dog wearing a t-shirt.

I think he's saying, "Get me out of here."

That t-shirt wearing puppy also likes paint. This is one of the legs of the table seen here. I was painting it, walked away for a moment, and he had licked off the paint.

He also stares at me. I thought this was cute, so I sent this picture to Todd saying so.

A short time later, I sent him this picture with a few choice words about HIS dog.

There is a story to this blurry house.

We pass this house every day going to and from school. The man that lives there is very regularly out on the porch smoking in a very fluffy, comfy robe.
But, the robes change.
He has a green one, and a blue one. We even saw him out once with his wife, and they had on matching white robes. (the short ones....eeewww)
I can understand wearing your robe at 7:30 am. But 2:30 in the afternoon? Weird.
The carpool kids have named him "Robe Man", and spotting him is like seeing an endangered species - very exciting.
We have attempted to take his picture so many times, I swear he knows my car and takes cover. He was out the other day, and the kids begged me to circle back around the block so they could get his picture. He slid inside the door just as Jackson took the picture.
I hope he's not a crafty blog reader.

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  1. Hi Kim, thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love the things you make! I have some new babies coming into the family in July and September.