Sunday, July 18, 2010


Early in the summer, I spent hours on end painting our treehouse.

The treehouse sits under a walnut tree that drops something that leaves dark stains all over the wood. Instead of fighting the stains, I chose a paint to match them- a very dark chocolate.

(Just after publishing this post, Todd informed me that what the walnut tree is dropping is actually walnuts - who knew??)

I like that it looks like a "cabin".

Of course, I had to paint a sign to hang over the door. (call me if you want one too :)

Jackson and Baker wanted it to say "No Girls Allowed", but, for obvious reasons, Lilly disagreed.

She whined because I wasn't painting it pink, which actually makes me happy. As hard as I try to make her girly,sweet, ladylike, etc., there is no denying the influence the boys have over her.

I find the signs of it everywhere. her silvery, glitzy purse (that matches her ring).

It's Scooby and the gang.

My sweet baby girl is hoarding matchbox cars in her purse.

She played quietly.
At least she didn't host a pretend demolition derby.
And, yes, her foot is dirty in the picture.

Her sweet little blue playhouse has been invaded by the army.
There's one lone, dead, indian on the lawn, and there was a man to man battle on the balcony.
Looks like the guy with the gun beat the soldier with one hand.

Guess who moved into My Little Pony-ville??

Two Ewoks, Mr. Crabs, and Barbie's dog.

Girl Power!

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  1. What an awesome treehouse! Love the sign too.