Sunday, July 11, 2010

What to do with a busted beach ball.

***** It has come to my attention that this post has somehow been added to a bloglist for adults - if you know what I mean - this is a FAMILY FRIENDLY blog. If you are looking for anything except a craft tutorial you will be very disapponted.*****

Okay, first of all, this tutorial is waaay out there. Even for me.

It was a fly-by- the seat-of-my-pants project. I had two 10 year old girls at my house, and they had played with Lilly all morning. (freeing me up to do other things)

I owed them one.

They wanted to paint something. I've been down that road before, and know that 5 kids+paint=headache.

So we settled for making something for their grandma. (They call her Ma-Mu. I have no idea if that's spelled right).

Here is the busted beach ball that was in my garage waiting for a patch it was probably never going to receive.

I cut 2 sections of the beach ball into strips, then sewed the short ends together.

Next, I ran a basting stitch up the center of each strip (longways), and pulled it to make a ruffle.

Note: Sewing machines do not like beach ball plastic.
I know you could do this with fabric, but I was thinking of the entire finished product being waterproof.

I sewed the ruffle (right sides together) on tothe cuff of a pair of dishwashing gloves.

These gloves were a size small, and surprisingly tight.

I happen to know that Ma-Mu recently lost over 60 pounds, so her new, skinnier arms should slide right in to her new gloves.

Hopefully, this post didn't scare you off, and you will come back again. My next post won't be a prom dress out of a slip-n-slide. (But that could be cute, right?)


  1. maybe not one out of slip n slide..but don't forget about my duct tape one we need to give a try!

  2. That a great little project Kim! I don't personally see myself wearing gloves like that, but Holland would love them. Frankly so would LB.

  3. You totally spelled MaMu correctly (I guess for a made up name, but that's how we spell it too), and she loves her pretty gloves!! The girls had a great time, and bless you and your patience!!

  4. Love the idea but I think it would be an idea to turn it into a rather fetching skirt.

  5. Did u really have to cut up that nice beach ball?