Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blue Light special

Crazy Morning! I awoke to a bird trapped in my living room, which is weird not only because birds don't belong in your living room, but because I have no idea how it got in. Our fireplace is closed off, and I think I would notice any bird sized, uncovered openings in my house. Anyway, after repeatedly slamming into windows, houdini bird finally found the door, and my morning resumed. At the top of my to do list today was to share a bargain I found. I LOVE a good deal, and love to share them too. If you have a little girl, this dress is adorable, soft, and so colorful, you cannnot tell me you don't have leggings to match. I spotted it at ( get ready), KMART!!! It was $12.99. Will it hold up for me to pass to my grandchildren, no, but it looks like it is straight from the Gap or Gymboree, and it was $12.99 folks. If you love it like I do, run, don't walk to Kmart.

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