Thursday, April 15, 2010

My favorite teacher gifts

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Topic at Kelly's Korner-----teacher gifts.

Since I am (thankfully), not a teacher, I guess I will share a few of the things I have made for teachers.

Some of them may have preferred a gift card...

Personalized travel mugs. I put a Starbucks gift card in these.

Cookie jars. I usually have put the teacher's family on them. Last year, my son's teacher was single, so I put each child in the class on there. She LOVED it.

These square plates were a hit. I liked them because they were so easy...

Plates or platters with the teacher's family. I always hate the moment when I have to ask, "What is your husband's name, and what does he look like?" They have no idea why I'm asking, and they must think it's odd.

My old faithful. You can never go wrong with a Christmas plate. (Unless your teacher is jewish).

I will now shamefully plug my


  1. I LOVE the plates! LOL at the thought of you randomly having to ask the teacher what her husband's name is and what he looks like! I wonder if any of them have ever wondered whether you're a stalker! :P

  2. Really cute! I think the cookie jar is adorable!


  3. Those are AWESOME!! If I was a teacher, I would love those as a gift!!

  4. I really like that cookie jar too!! So Cute- as always!

  5. Great ideas! I have one of those mugs and love it!

  6. Cute ideas!! I love your hoot owl at the top of your blog (since I collect them!!).

  7. Really cute ideas! Love them all!

  8. What cute ideas! I just love the cookie jar idea :0)

    Your bloggy is just presh and I love the owl at the top! Super cute


  9. I love the cookie jar idea. Very cute...especially with all of the students on the side!