Friday, April 9, 2010

Big box of 80's laughs

Let me start this by saying how much I love my husband for putting up with my twisted sense of humor. He is the most wonderful man alive.

The subject at the funniest blog ever(she just happens to be my fabulous neighbor) is 5 things that make you laugh. I immediately thought of this box.

Just Me and My Life

My in laws brought this box with them on their last visit to Nashville. They said it was things they had "saved from Todd's childhood". I'm thinking pictures, trophys, etc.

Ummmmm. No.

This box was filled with stuff that made me laugh till I hurt. Maybe it was so funny because so many of these things were so unlike the man he is now. They gave me a window into his boyhood. A boyhood that could seem very disturbing (if I didn't know better) based on some of these items.....

Ok. This is totally normal 80's stuff. We all had a Simon and a Rubik's cube.
All you twenty somethings out there - don't knock 'em. These babies were awesome in their day.

Survival knife. I know this is the type of thing my 10 year old would think is awesome for camping. Again, totally normal.

Guns 'n' Roses cassette.
Well loved before CD's, and before Guns 'n' Roses were categorized as classic rock.

A leather bracelet with his name. Could be considered tough and manly.....if not for the baby feet (?) on each side of his name.

What the heck is this thing?? Is it to carry change on his belt??

OOOHHH. Love's Babysoft. The ultimate choice for girl's in the 80's. Obviously a gift from some special young lady. I'm sure he remembers who, but he won't admit it. This stuff stunk brand new, I can only imagine what it smells like now.

Ok, now things are getting weird.
A grenade.

What did he want with a grenade?

Brass knuckles. Only these are made of wood. For the kinder, gentler thug.

Now, to round out his "vigilante in training" kit.... gloves with no fingertips and 'training' nunchucks. I am laughing now as I picture him using these. I bet he had some awesome moves....Love his initials burned into the ends of the handles, just in case they got confused with someone elses nunchucks.

The license plate from the front of his super awesome '68 Camaro.(Cujo? He liked killer dogs?) He still has the Camaro at his parents house. It must be lonely and sad without it's nameplate....

My all time favorite. I just about peed myself.

He SWEARS he didn't wear these. And I have to admit, the bottoms look brand new.

The tag inside the shoe is the best part.

They should have made their pledge to include "you will totally regret the decision to own these in 25 years".

I don't know why his mom saved this stuff, but I am sooooo glad she did.

Thanks again sweetie, for giving me a good laugh. You are an awesome, sophisticated man with excellent taste.

Some things just take time....


  1. Trevor has nunchucks too!!! He even has a leather case for his!! Our men are so cool.

  2. LOL... I couldnt stop laughing at this post! Those shoes totally crack me up! Will he let me borrow the CUJO thing for my car????