Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer Top 2

This week's top 2 is "2 things you love about summer".

1. A tan.

Scold me if you want, but I am a woman in my 30's, and if I want a tan I'm getting one. Real, fake, sprayed, however. I don't want to bake myself to look like a Louis Vuitton, (mostly because if I did my neighbor would kidnap me - she's obsessed with LV), but I like to be able to wear shorts with less fear. (notice I said less fear, not no fear).

(I should also not that if you ever attempt to google "suntan images", there is a lot of nasty, and often unattractive, nudity. Yikes.)

2. The pool.

How many other activities can you come up with that all 3 kids will agree on?? (other than Chuck e Cheese - and tha's a BIG no). Pack a lunch and some towels - done.

The kids get worn out, and I get a healthy dose of my #1.


  1. Great picks! Your blog is so cute!

  2. Hmmmm, I could have written that one for you. The only person I know who makes sure to start her tan in April rather than going to the pool in June looking lily white like me!! :)