Monday, April 12, 2010

Pretty feet a la crock pot..

I met a woman once that looked about 30, and revealed to me that she was 50. I was floored. I asked her what her secret was. She said,

"I never marrried, and I never had kids."

Well, I like my husband a lot. My kids are pretty great too. So, I guess I should depend on a beauty routine.

The Top 2 Tuesday at The Undomestic Mama is Beauty Tips.

My first tip includes a crock pot.

I have a thing about keeping my feet nice. Nothing is nastier than seeing a woman in flip flops with nasty feet. Keep 'em clean ladies.

A homemade paraffin dip is cheap, easy, and very effective.

You need a crock pot large enough to fit your foot into without touching the sides. It does not have to be a fancy, or top of the line crock pot. You're gonna put your feet in it.....

You will need 3 lbs of paraffin wax. I got mine at Sally Beauty Supply. I chose lavender scented.

Melt the wax, and add 1/2 cup mineral oil. (baby oil)

Using a candy thermometer, let the wax cool to 125 degrees.

Dip your foot, let it momentarily cool. Repeat and dip up to 10 times.

Wrap your foot in a plastic bag, then cover with a towel.

After about 10 minutes, remove covers, and peel off wax.

Your feet will be sooooo soft!


Bare Minerals Make up.

I hate wearing make up. But, since I 'm not Heidi Klum, I have to anyway.This stuff is just awesome. I will NEVER use liquid make up again.

Just don't ever try to put it on in the car,on the way to church, in a white dress....I learned that the hard way.


  1. Bare Minerals is also one of my top 2! I love it and it works wonders!

  2. great idea! I think I may give that a try!

  3. Ooh, definitely going to have to try that parrafin dip!!

  4. Love the idea! I had no clue it was that easy to do your own parrafin wax dip!

    I can't do bare minerals, it makes my face itch, anyone else experience that?


  5. great tips!!!! I am going to run to Sallys and Target today to get the wax and big crock-pot! cant wait!

  6. That is a great tip! I will have to pick up an old crock pot at a yard sale! ( :

    ~This Is KD

  7. Man, I just got rid of my crockpot because the cord was burnt. It would have been perfect for this!!! Whoodathunkit?