Saturday, November 21, 2009

Turkey confusion

I know, this turkey is a few feathers short. In the beginning he had 5, but over time they have disappeared. When I first started my work 10 years ago, I painted and sold TONS of these. I still remember sitting around with my sister painting feathers. My sweet Dad even made us a special little board to stand them up in to dry.
So, no matter how worn he gets, this turkey is a little sentimental.
One year, a customer told me a funny story about one of these turkeys she bought and gave as a gift. She bought it for a woman who "has everything". They were a wealthy family, and lived a pretty formal lifestyle. My customer said that shortly after Thanksgiving, she received a thank you card in the mail. The card thanked her kindly for the gift, and expressed "how much they enjoyed it in their turkey at the center of their Thanksgiving meal. They put it IN THEIR TURKEY!!! They didn't know what else to do with it.I can only imagine a beautiful table of china, crystal, and beautiful linens surrounding a turkey with a wooden head and 5 feathers sticking out. After that, I packaged them with instructions worded for a third grader.

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