Thursday, November 19, 2009

I cannot keep them, I cannot keep them, I cannot keep them.
I have to keep telling myself this so I will post these on my website.(Or maybe I keep saying it to drown out the sound of my kids fighting over their afternoon popcorn snack). I LOVE these pink frames, and as of right now, they are the only 2 larger ones I have left. I know I could find a place for them, but I do not need them. I prefer a mix of new and old, but I keep collecting things that have more old to them than new. I don't want my whole house to look as if it is crumbling down because everything in it is crackled and distressed. You can have too much of a good thing. And so I repeat, I cannot keep them, I cannot keep them, I cannot keep them.
On the other hand, these cute little snack cups I can keep a few of. I think Lilly and Baker need their names painted on a few of them. I also have the sippy cups to match. I have decided to throw out all the yucky, old , mismatched sippy cups, (you know, the ones that get the black junk in the parts you can never reach, even with bleach and a toothpick..ugh) and treat myself to a few new, personalized ones. I am very frugal, and rarely keep much of my inventory for myself, but I am making an exception.

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