Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter baskets and gators

Remember the twins here? Their mom ordered them Easter baskets to match their outfits. I think they are pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

Love the BIG pink bows.

I wanted to do something a little different than the Pottery Barn- monogrammed -liner -thing. I liked these little pinked edge patches.

My oldest is out for spring break this week. We went bargain hunting together - something we like to do together occasionally. He found a new basketball for $2, I got a pillow for his new "cool" room, (not his "uncool" one seen here). I scored a pair of Seven jeans that fit perfect for $3.49, and 2 end tables that I am sure will be adorable when they are finished.

He cracked me up when we stopped at a local thrift store (it always has the best furniture). He kept watching this admittedly odd looking man. He finally said, "Mom, that guy is weird. He just tried on a pink belt. What would he want with a pink belt??"

Loaded question.

Maybe it was for his wife?? I'm not so sure...

The little guys got to enjoy one of the perks of a dad that works for John Deere. (He's a rep for their golf/turf line). Every now and then he brings home a gator to ride around the neighborhood. They love it.

They rode one earlier in the day at my mom and dad's house. This is my dad's 'work' gator.

My mom drove them around as they fired toy guns playing cowboys and indians - a game I am sure is no longer PC.

I can assure you my mother doesn't care.

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  1. ooh im sure they love and cant get enough of riding around in that thing! cute easter baskets! have a great weekend!