Saturday, May 1, 2010

Flea Market Friday

Flea market fridays are one of my favorite things.

This time, my friend Amy joined us to shop. Amy has some serious patience. Lilly screamed "I want to go home" throughout our trip, and Amy still agreed to join us for lunch after shopping.

We found several things we couldn't live with out...

I got some panels that I love to paint names/phrases on.

Like this one in you know who's room...

(Yes, that's a flying pig . )

or this one.

My mom got some beautiful plants, and this really cool, old barn for her garden. It was once a mailbox , so the door opens up.

We had to distract Lilly's attention from the barn so my mom could load it into the car. She had stuffed all sorts of stuff inside of it.

Speaking of mailboxes...

Don't you just love this!! It was such a good deal I couldn't resist. I can't wait to put it out front!

Just kidding. I just wanted to frighten my neighbors.

This was one of the many, many interesting items we ran across. I took a picture of Amy with an album titled "The Stanky Brown Band", but accidentally deleted it from my phone.

While Lilly was miserable, Baker had a good time. Of course, he wanted to visit the military surplus tent. All that "guy" stuff just drew him in.

Grenades. Just what I want my 6 year old shopping for.

If you read the post here, about the box of disturbing stuff from my husband's childhood, you may agree he gets it honest.
I bet he was their only shopper sporting silly bands, eating fruit, and sipping a capri-sun (but then again, it is the flea market).

He settled on this metal box...but he couldn't take it home empty.

He found a butterfly.

A BIG butterfly.

He put it in the box...along with the caterpillar he found that rode around on the hood of the stroller for about 2 hours.

Life with Baker is never dull.


  1. That metal box Baker found is an ammo box from world war ii.


  2. haha, that sounds soo much like Baker :)