Sunday, May 2, 2010

Water, Water everywhere.

I had a blog post ready to publish, but it doesn't seem appropriate.

Nashville is flooded in a way I can hardly describe. Unless you have access to our local news coverage, it's hard to explain exactly how bad it is.

My neighbor ( a much better blogger than I) has more pictures here. She even has a picture of my Jackson's school. It's bad.

Semi's swept off the interstate.

Buildings floating down the interstate.

People being rescued from their homes in motorboats, even kayaks.

People being pulled from trees.

I know this is no Katrina, or Haiti, but it's right down the street from my family.

We have had a little damage, but I WILL NOT complain about it.

We are so very lucky.

This is the barn across from our Chik-fil-a. (Yes, we have a barn across from Chik-fil-a on a busy street. This is Nashville after all...) There are usually lots of horses roaming around. Hope they are safe.

Please pray for all the nashvillians that have been devastated this weekend.


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