Friday, January 29, 2010

My Version of 'Green'

It's a snow day around here. It is reminding me of my New Year's resolution to NOT have unreasonable expectations of myself. I thought I would spend the day cooking, watching movies with the kids, and maybe sneak in a little painting.

So far I have picked up a million toys, done 5 loads of laundry, and thawed chicken. Not what I had in mind.

I will, however sneak in pictures of my "recycled" outfit for Lilly. I recycle my cardboard, etc., never litter, and I don't use hairspray. That's about as 'green' as I get. You will never see me chained to a tree in hopes of saving it, or buying $10 recycled toilet paper.I believe in being responsible, and taking care of our planet, and I don't believe in wasting things, but I don't believe in Al Gore either. I do love to recycle old/used/useless things to a more creative purpose.

I bought this pink jumper at a thrift store for 50 cents. The leggings underneath are from a set of pajamas found at Dollar General for $3. I removed the weird little pocket the jumper had, and appliqued the apple over the top. Again, I did not use the embroidery machine for the applique. I am a control freak, and wanted the design to match very closely to that of the pants. (not to mention that I don't know how to digitize my own designs in the embroidery software). So, I just used my regular sewing machine. I do, however, love machine embroidery, and I have a neighbor that sells the cutest line of embroidered clothing.

I removed the buttons, and added ribbon instead. I gathered the same ribbon and sewed it to the hemline of the dress. (like the lampshades in my earlier post).
I also cut the cuff off the pj bottoms to make it more of a legging.

See? I recycled.

I had to bribe her with cereal, but I did get a shot of her in the outfit. Soooo ladylike.

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  1. I love this great idea! And I was about to do my fashion post, but wasn't sure, since it would be about kiddos too! I really like how you redid this outfit! It's darling!

  2. Super cute outfit! You are very clever.