Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I did last night...

There is no shortage of pink in my daughter's closet. She loves pink. She even had a temper tantrum in Walgreens once when I insisted she put the bottle of Pepto Bismol back on the shelf. With this in mind, I purchased some cute fabric at Jo-Ann's this past fall. Notice I said this past fall. It seems I never got around to using it...

Well,last night I got all motivated for some reason, and made a cute little outfit. I love brown with orange, and I love the little squirrels. I purposely made the pants a little more 'boyish', with the corduroy trim and little pocket. She loves pockets. (for her tinkerbell chapstick)

The applique is a design taken from the pants. It is just scraps of corduroy and felt. The flowers are sewn on with little french knots. I just straight stitched on the applique. I wanted the design to very closely mimic the tree in the pants, and I love the frayed edge sort of look it develops with washing. It keeps it casual, and comfy.

My little 5 year old wanted to get in on the action. He asked if he could sew something today. I gave him felt, a needle, and thread. Will he completely lose his man card for this?? Does it help that he was making a pouch to carry around his favorite , very manly slingshot? Either way, he was pretty proud, and has worn it all afternoon.

My daughter is crazy about the dress forms I use. When I got one out today to take these photos, she got excited. She calls them her "best friends". Well, all of them except for the really short one. That one is her "prince". Lovely couple , don't you think?

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