Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Triplets and the subject of *arting

Where did this week go? How did I go a week without posting anything? I think all the Sponge Bob in the background has killed too many brain cells. Did I mention how much I hate Sponge Bob?? My friend Michelle says that she just kept telling herself he wasn't totally useless - he has a good work ethic. I guess there is always a silver lining. Even in noisy, irritating, obnoxious cartoons. And, besides, it is Wednesday -- which brings a new episode of Friday Night Lights.

Look at the adorable picture a customer sent me!! Her triplet boys in coordinating onesies. How sweet was she to get them all dressed, posed, get it developed, and actually send it to me. I am impressed. They make my onesies look even cuter.

I wanted to share a favorite book with everyone. It is probably not what you expect.

"Walter, the Farting Dog"

I grew up with only one sister, a military father, and a very well mannered, southern mother. I don't remember ever mentioning or hearing the lesser 'F' word in our house. My mom would have been mortified.

Fast forward to 2010 - my mom has 4 grandsons - she hears it all the time.

You can tell your boys it's not polite.
You can tell them it's not funny, that everyone does it.
You can tell them potty talk is absolutely prohibited.

It doesn't matter. They will laugh about it. They will talk about it. They will try really, really hard to do it in front of each other. Boys and flattulence go hand in hand.

This book handles it in a funny way, that isn't too gross. (even for someone that can barely stand to type the word)

My boys thought I was super cool and funny when this book came into their lives. They laugh every time I read it. Try it sometime.

My 5 year old has a new favorite book, he insists on looking at it every night.
"Zondervan's Guide to the Bible"
And, he wants me to read it. It is political history, etc. of Biblical times. He loves the maps, pictures of old scrolls, and artifacts. I hate to admit it, but I am bored silly when we read it - but he listens very carefully.

I knew he was a little different....

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