Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Purple Rain

With years of painting under my belt, I have made my share of mistakes. Some of them were funny (like the mural full of horses that really looked like a herd of donkeys), some of them were worth crying over ( the freshly painted curtain pole that I forced into my car, promptly breaking my windshield).
But, today, someone else made a mistake. My big sis.
I am a cheapskate, no doubt, it is a family tradition. My sister has me beat by a mile.
In her ever money saving way, she purchased "mis-tinted" paint to freshen up her basement stairs. The dot on top was a lovely grayish brown. She put her husband to work painting, and left for carpool. When she returned, her stairs were PURPLE. Not a little purple, but so purple Prince would be proud. She laughed, took photos, and chalked it up to a basecoat. But she returned today and bought ANOTHER can of mis-tinted paint.

Some people never learn :)

My project for tonight is to make a few baby gifts, and get started on making a bow tie for my 5 year old. he has been begging for weeks. I will try to post pictures in the morning.

Speaking of my 5 year old and mornings, he made me breakfast in bed.
My menu was as follows:

PB & J sandwich
a clementine
milk topped with marshmallows

Sweet little guy...


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