Friday, March 5, 2010

5 Things you will never catch me doing....

My neighbor, whose blog always makes me laugh, has put up a link to her Friday Fives. So, here's mine:

5 things you will NEVER catch me doing....

5. Going Vegetarian or all organic - I think both of these things are fine to do if you want. But if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I hope I had filet mignon and scallops for dinner the night before, and Fruity Pebbles for breakfast. My life is too short to deny all the little pleasures.

4. Visiting Alaska for vacation - as far as I am concerned, the words "Alaska" and "vacation" don't belong in the same sentence. I have Animal Planet, thank you very much.

3. Driving cross country - If I were into boredom and vomiting from car sickness, then I would take a ride down Route 66 - but I'm not.

2. Homeschooling - I think homeschooling can be a good thing. If it suits you, your children, and your needs. I don't think it is always the best option though. Some of the best parents I know wave goodbye to the school bus every morning. I will try just about anything, usually with the attitude that I will succeed. However, I am smart enough to know when I need to leave it to the professionals. It is not a blow to my ego to know that there are people out there that can do a job better than I can. Besides, I always loved going to school.

1. Giving up Cokes - Nope. Never. Not gonna happen.


  1. I'm with you on the vegetarian and homeschooling thing. Those are two things I would you definitly wouldn't catch me doing either!

  2. Kim! I laughed as I read each and everyone of these points. I agree totally with everyone of them! I could never be a teacher, I love cokes and great beaches and have to be in the front seat when traveling to those beaches. Great post! Nikki Colson