Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Musings at a Waterpark

Changing out of my jeans and sweater into my bathing suit just seems odd. But, that's exactly what I did last weekend at the indoor waterpark in Sevierville, TN. We met up with our good friends and neighbors for a weekend of waves, waterslides, and chill bumps.

It's funny what you find yourself thinking at a waterpark.

When you first walk in - "Isn't it amazing how God made us all so similar, but yet so different."

While standing in line - " I wonder how the guy in front of me got that scar on his lower back? Was he in an accident? Did he have surgery? Either way, it's gross."

While in the hot tub - " If that enormous, hairy guy gets in here, I'm out."

Upon seeing all the teenage girls - "What a cute figure she has."

Okay, this is what I was really thinking.. "Yeah, you might be all fat free now, but just wait till you've had 3 kids..."

I enjoyed the fun times with the kids. The half naked strangers - not so much.

I did see a few funny things on the road trip. I'll share ...

I spotted this magazine on a bathroom stop. The cover model looks to be , oh, I don't know, ......12!!!??

Love the chain link fence backdrop. Did you spot the 'other' cover model?

The dog next door. Classy.

This pig greeted us as we entered a BBQ place, he doesn't make me want to eat.

That's a catchy slogan. "OLD BUT CLEAN"

It was definately old. I'm not sold on the clean part.

No offense TDOT, but I'll stick with TomTom.

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